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Samantha Vold

Master's of Science, Life Sciences Communication


Bachelor's of Science, Biology (May 2016)

Minor: Chemistry and French

Honors: Cum laude

Work Experience

- Manage Twitter account for NASA SACD; create graphics and write content

- Manage NASA SACD website: transition content to new WordPress template; update and draft content

UW-Madison Department of Integrative Biology (Sept. 2019-Sept. 2021)

- Courses taught: Zoology/Biology 102 and Zoology/Biology 151

- Topics include: evolutionary history and taxonomy of the animal kingdom, molecular biology, genetics

Henry Vilas Zoo (June 2018-Dec. 2021)

- Lead or assistant instructor for zoo camps and sleepovers
- Teen program coordinator, summer 2019

UW-Madison Department of Dermatology (Nov. 2016-July 2019)

- Principal investigator: Dr. Hao Chang
- Responsible for conducting experiments, lab management, updating lab procedures, and training students

Volunteer Experience

Henry Vilas Zoo (April 2017-present)

- Special events: assist with Conservation Education Days and fundraising events, handle education animals during programs, plan activities for Wisconsin Science Festival
- Train new volunteers and revise training manuals

Technical Skills

- Writing: Host blog about zoo science; Experience writing scientific articles, and popular science articles
- Design: Familiar with Canva; Familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Premier, and InDesign

Website Management: Familiar with online content management systems; Experience writing HTML and CSS

Social Media: Experience with managing a professional Twitter account; Experience with content management and analysis tools


- Vold, S., Mowers, C., Chang, H. (September 2019) “A Novel Mouse Model of White Sponge Nevus.” Society for Developmental Biology: Midwest Regional Meeting 2019 (poster).
- Dong, B., Vold, S., Chang, H. (May 2018) “The Role of Planar Cell Polarity Gene FZD6 in Melanoma Progression.” International Investigative Dermatology Meeting 2018 (E-poster presentation and poster).
- Vold, S., Barringer, B. (May 2016). “Simulating the Evolution of Altruism with Students.” UW-Stevens Point College of Letters and Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium (poster).
- Vold, S., Barringer, B. (October 2015). “Botanical Census and Long-Term Tree Phenology Study at Schmeeckle Reserve.” Botanical Club of Wisconsin Research Seminar Series.


- Vold, S. (March 2022). "Little RASC-ALs Prospecting for Big Ideas, Featuring Chris Jones and Shelley Spears." NASA SACD Website. (

- Simonson, L., Vold, S., Mowers, C., Massey, R., Ong, I., Longley, B., Chang, H. (July 2020) “Keratin 13 deficiency causes white sponge nevus in mice.” Developmental Biology

(doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2020.07.016).
- Dong, B., Vold, S., Olvera-Jaramillo, C., Chang, H. (October 2018) “Functional redundancy of frizzled 3 and frizzled 6 in planar cell polarity control of mouse hair follicles.” Development (doi: 10.1242/dev.168468).
- Alger, S.J., Sepsonwol, S., Dresang, L., Zellmer, P., Vold, S. (May 2015). “Biology 381: Animal Physiology Laboratory Manual.” Department of Biology, UWSP.
- Vold, S. (February 2015). “The Beginnings of Jurassic Park: Dinosaur Blood Discovered?The Scorpion and the Frog.

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