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Howdy folks! Glad you stopped by!

My adventure as a zoo educator began in 2017 when I decided to volunteer at Henry Vilas Zoo. As a Discovery Docent, I stood out in front of the polar bear exhibit with my cart of "biofacts" and taught anyone who was interested all about polar bears. This experience fueled my passion for teaching, so I sought other opportunities.

Eventually, I volunteered for a sleepover at the zoo. Who wouldn't want to spend the night at the zoo with all those cool animals?! From there, I was recommended as a sleepover instructor. I jumped on that offer and that's when my journey down the rabbit hole truly began.

Shortly thereafter, I started volunteering as an Animal Handling Docent. This provided me with the opportunity to work hands-on with the zoo's education animals and teach the public about the importance of animals such as snakes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and skunks. Loro (pictured above), a blue and gold macaw, quickly became my favorite animal to teach people about. He's a handsome bird and he knows it, soaking up the attention he gets from me and the visitors he sees.

These roles lead to me working as an Educational Instructor, teaching during Zoo Camps, leading the Teen Program one summer, and developing activities for the Wisconsin Science Festival. I never take the opportunities I've had for granted and will always be thankful for the opportunity to explore my passions in this manner.

I hope you'll join me on this journey as I share my experiences, some zoo knowledge, and conservation tips! 

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