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Meet James and Normie

My two chinchillas are a big part of my life, so of course they deserve their own webpage!


James (left) and Normie (right) sitting in the window


I adopted James in October 2016 from the Dane County Humane Society. When I adopted him, he had chewed a lot of the fur off his back, an indication of stress. My goal became to minimize his stress as much as I could and help him live his best chinchilla life.

Also known as: Jimmer Jams, Baby James, little monster, my grumpy old man, little gremlin

Hobbies: Plotting world domination, getting into shenanigans, throwing fits because Normie won't pay attention to him, dust baths, and snuggling under a blanket

Favorite snacks: Plain Cheerios, Popcorn, Hawthorn Berries

Favorite toys: Apple sticks, Oxbow Celebration Cone, Oxbow Loco Ball


I adopted Normie in March 2020 to be a companion to James. While chinchillas can do fine on their own, they're generally quite social and I thought James might benefit from having a friend. After a slow introduction, James and Normie were allowed to live together and have been best friends ever since.

Also known as: Norms, baby Norms, little man, my goodest boy

Hobbies: Napping, trying to steal the grips off my Playstation controller, perching on everything he can, dust baths, and sitting in the window

Favorite snacks: Plain Cheerios, Popcorn, Hawthorn Berries, Oxbow Hay Treats (He's very food motivated)

Favorite toys: Oxbow Twisty Rings, Oxbow Flip and Roll, Paper, Oxbow Celebration Cone

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